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12:12 am | Most of you are familiar with the saying that “Power corrupts…” that might not be…

Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn’s interview with Alzazeera

2:00 am |            …

Revenue from mining on rise

11:31 pm | Addis Ababa, October 13 (GMG) –The Ministry of Mines (MoM) said the revenue from the…

Somalia’s fleeting opportunity for hopeful change?

1:27 am | by Abdi Ismail Samatar Wednesday, September 19, 2012 Celebratory gunfire filled Mogadishu on a cool…

September 10th is a D-day Decision for Somali Parliament

1:41 am | No country in the world has been subjected to total extinction; economically, socially, politically, and…

Inaali Laahi Wa Inaa Ilaahi Rajicuun

10:00 pm | Inaali Laahi Wa Inaa Ilaahi Rajicuun Condolence to Mohamed Abdilahi Rage family, relatives, and friends.…


  • Dooxa, Qadar; Xafladii furitaanka ee xulka gabdhaha kubadda koleyga ee Soomaaliya oo ka qayb galaya ciyaaraha wadamada Jaamacada Carabta oo lagu qabanayo magaalada Dooxa ee dalka Qadar.
  • Dr. Walhad iyo waayaha caafimaadka

Waa in talaabo sharciya laga qaado wasiirka arimaha dibada Somaliland Maxamed Cabdillahi iyo Xildhibaan Bashiir Tukaale oo tolkood ku taageeraya gardaro, halkii ay dawladda gacan ku siin lahaayeen soo qabashada Dhagarqabayaasha

1:05 am | Warbixin uu Maxamed C/llahi siiyay Qaran news ayaa wuxu ku sheegay in raga la xidhxidhay ee uu ka   mid yahay Abiib Diiriye aan wax danbiya lagu hayn ee lagu dajinayo reer Awdal, islamarkaana aan lahayn Dadkii gaystay xasuuqa waxshinimada ah. Xildhibaan Bashiir Tukaale ayaa isaguna sidoo kale ku hadlay hadalo khalad ah oo ay ka…


12:12 am | Most of you are familiar with the saying that “Power corrupts…” that might not be as true as most of us would take it to be. Power is an illusion given by others. But once you give it, it is hard to take it back. What one does with the power granted to him or…

Sheekh Mohamed O. Dirir

2:23 am |

Community Board

Inaali Laahi Wa Inaa Ilaahi Rajicuun

10:00 pm | Inaali Laahi Wa Inaa Ilaahi Rajicuun Condolence to Mohamed Abdilahi Rage family, relatives, and friends. We were drastically jolted by the death of beloved Mohamed Abdilaha Rage. Mohamed will without dwindle be engrave in diary of our nation history for…

Socdaalkii Gobyarey

11:55 pm | Waxaan ka baxnay magaalada Jig Jiga subax dhulka daad ayaa yaalay samaduna buluug aan fad…

Soo dhawentii Gobyar

5:02 pm | Aug 31, 2012 Aniga oo ah Muse A. Hassan (Arkato) iyo Ali A. Hoori, waxanan…


2:05 am |             Sawirada aad halkan ku aragtaan waa magaalada Sheddher oo…


15 years old Khadra needs our help!

15 years old Khadra needs our help!

5:41 pm | Salamu aleikum brothers and sisters, Following up to our email (copied below), to whomever wants to…


  • Kenenisa betters a Nurmi record on World records

    1:14 am
    It’s been almost eight years in the making

  • Zambia/Cote d’Ivoire: Chipolopolo Win Thrilling Football Final in Dramatic Penalty Shoot-Out


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    3:05 am
    Zambia outlasted Cote d’Ivoire 8-7 in a dramatic

  • Equatorial Guinea 1 vs. Libya 0

    1:43 am
    Equatorial Guinea pulled off a sensational late win

  • Cup of Nations Kicks off

    1:18 am

  • Rudisha suffers rare loss to Ethiopian teen in Italy

    1:44 am
    Rudisha suffers rare loss to Ethiopian teen in